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Unique. Once and for all.

SIO DUE. Precious stones encased in gold and silver. Delicate design elements, noble and exquisite. Handcrafted with heart and mind. Always special, always full of character. Every piece of jewellery is everlasting in its own way.


Design jewellery

High quality design

Jewellery that feels good in every life situation.


Unique pieces


Unique pieces and small series whose gemstones remain one-of-a-kind.

Hand made in Germany




High quality – 925 sterling silver and 18 carat gold

Sustainable, as 99% recycled gold.

SIO DUE – fine jewellery

by Sandra Böge

One look, one touch – fascination. Facets show personality.
Seduce shapes. My love of gemstones is both a source and an enthusiasm. Sensing the exquisite – creating the unique. Precious is that which makes us love life …

Sio2 is the formula for quartz – and the name of unique pieces of jewellery. Shimmering, sparkling, enchanting. Smoky quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, prasiolite, citrine, aquamarine, topaz, fire opal, chrysoprase, moonstone, ruby & diamond combined with silver & gold. Fascinating, multi-faceted, perfect in form. Values transform worlds…

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